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Karen Kitzmiller

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2019 Charlotte Housing Market Predictions

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 1/30/2019 2:13 PM

As you prepare to buy or sell your home in 2019, it’s important to know what to expect in the current housing market. Below, I lay out my predictions for the Charlotte housing market in 2019.


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House to Home: Simplifying the Home Search

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 1/15/2019 11:20 AM

Elisa and her husband, Gil, are busy parents and business owners, so when they began their search for a new home, they had no time to waste. To make the home search as efficient as possible, Karen provided tools to allow Elisa and Gil to significantly narrow their possibilities before ever stepping foot in a house. 

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2019 Design Forecast: What's In, What's Out

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 1/8/2019 9:21 AM

As we begin a new year, it’s time to look at interior design trends on the rise — and say goodbye to those on their way out in 2019.

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Winter Home Staging Tricks to Attract Buyers in the Slow Season

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 12/29/2018 10:47 AM

Winter Home Staging Can Be Effective with Lighting

Winter home staging tricks are just as essential as summer and springtime. The general belief is that warmer months are the best time for putting your house on the market, but did you know that winter is a great time to sell? While the season has its own unique set of challenges, you have a better chance of getting your home sold due to less competition. All it requires is staging with a bit more creativity than the spring and summer seasons. By adding the cozy factor, paying attention to details, and highlighting seasonal features, you can make your property really stand out. To help you, we point these winter home staging tricks that will make your home's showing pleasant and enjoyable for your buyers.

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House to Home: Selling and Building a Home with Karen

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 12/18/2018 5:03 PM

When Holly decided to move from her long-time home to a new-construction home, she turned to Karen for her expertise. Despite some unforeseen setbacks, Karen was able to eliminate stress from the selling experience. Holly was still able to sell her house before her new build closed! 

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US Housing Market Predictions: What’s to Come in 2019

Posted by Karen Kitzmiller on 12/5/2018 10:33 AM

At this time of year, some property investors already start to look ahead to the next. We’re not surprised to see that a lot of them have the same questions in mind, like will it be a seller’s market or a buyer’s market in 2019? Will home prices keep rising or are they cooling down? What about supply and demand? And so on. While no one can accurately predict the future of the real estate investing industry, we can make a few housing market predictions. Here are the top trends that real estate experts, analysts, and economists expect to come in the 2019 US housing market.

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